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Toy Dog Breeds

Toy Breeds General Characteristics

Toy Dog Breeds

Dog Breed General Characteristics

  • General Characteristics: small, alert, sociable, easy-maintenance
  • Size: from under 6 pounds to 20 pounds

            Toy dogs are characterized by their diminutive size, energetic personalities, and alertness. Toy breeds have been bred to be excellent companions; their charismatic expressions complement their love for attention. Despite their small stature (or, perhaps, because of it), Toys can be bold and, coupled with their generally alert nature, can make excellent watchdogs. Toys are popular in smaller homes, like apartments, and for owners with busy lifestyles. Compared with larger breeds, Toys generally have fewer inherent problems such as shedding, creating messes, and cost of care - as such, they also make great pets for novice dog owners.

            The Toy breeds, as they are known today, have a checkered past. Some Toys have origins as the lapdogs of European royalty. Others were bred as miniature versions of established breeds, such as the miniature pinscher, toy poodle, and English toy terrier. Still others, like the Chinese Crested, used their small stature as an advantage in ratting. Even from within the Toy group, dogs show great diversity in sizes: ranging from under 6 pounds for the smallest Chihuahua to 20 pounds for the stockiest of pugs.

            One concern for Toys is they tend to be frailer than other breeds. As such, owners should be cautious of interactions between young children and Toy breeds to ensure safety. Despite this, Toys are generally sociable and mingle well with unfamiliar guests. They are loyal and intelligent, making them a valuable member of the home.






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